To customers’ delight, Kryse and Darren McGill replaced their popular food truck with a brick and mortar restaurant. Folks flock to Happy Grillmore to enjoy their deluxe burgers, shakes made from Central District Cream Co. small-batch ice cream, and deep-fried hand pies among local art displays.

Kryse and Darren McGill have become a dynamic force in the Seattle food scene over the past six years. The husband and wife team run Happy Grillmore, Nate’s Wings and Waffles, and the Central District Ice Cream Company, and Seattle Freeze all of which brought creativity and deliciousness to the Seattle restaurant scene, and added a few more Pinay-owned, Native-owned businesses to the community. The duo got their start selling Grillmore burgers in the Portland food truck scene before being invited to Seattle by Microsoft for what was supposed to be a short-term stay. Luckily for Seattleites, they never left.

Many of their now beloved creations originated in their own kitchen at home. “When we lived in Portland I was home a lot with the kids and I’d experiment with making different things,” says Kryse. Their time in Portland also inspired them to think carefully about sourcing and what ingredients went into their food. Their ice cream is made with local, seasonal ingredients in small batches, and their menu rotates every month.

Kryse and Darren also use their restaurants as opportunities to create community and translate their values into impact. The McGill’s work with local artists of color to help elevate their voices, displaying their work and hosting events in their spaces. They also partner with other businesses in Seattle owned by people of color, such as Hood Famous Bakery (Ube cheesecake ice cream?!) and The Station. They also worked with Louie Gong of 8th Generation to curate their ice cream menu one month. “We created flavors celebrating everyone’s backgrounds - it was really fun,” Kryse says. Darren adds, “There’s such a need for community spaces. They’re disappearing, or just not existing, and especially as people of color it’s important that we take up as much space as possible. People are being displaced and so we’re inviting them back”.

Fun Fact
Happy Grillmore’s milkshakes are made with Central District Ice Cream!