Kirby Teuila Grey is an acupuncturist, herbalist, bodyworker, and spiritual practitioner with big dreams for healthcare innovation. She aims to make acupuncture more accessible and visible to the general public and to transform the stereotypes and superstitions surrounding natural healing.

Kirby Teuila Grey knew she wanted to follow a path of healing from a young age, but it was years before she considered acupuncture a viable option. Kirby’s introduction to acupuncture came during a visit to a close friend’s house in high school. “I viscerally remember the state of that house,” she says, “it was so calm”. Her friend’s father was an acupuncturist and naturopathic doctor, and he became an idol for Kirby.

Kirby studied theology at Seattle University and then began activist and organizing work, but acupuncture kept coming up for her. “The idea of humans as holistic beings, and of getting to the root of patterns instead of focusing on symptoms really resonated with me.” And she knew from personal experience that acupuncture worked. She opened House of Teuila in 2012 where she specializes in acupuncture, East Asian medicine, reproductive, mental and emotional health, addiction and sobriety support.

Kirby’s goal is for everyone to see acupuncture as a viable form of healing, which means they have to relate to it. Kirby believes the often “woo-woo” branding makes this difficult. While acupuncture certainly has a spiritual component, it is primarily an incredibly effective healing modality. “Acupuncture came out of a battlefield,” Kirby shares. “During the dynastic reign of China, acupuncture was developed and used to get people healthy as quickly as possible so they could go fight or farm or raise children. I want people who are 'living in a battlefield' to use acupuncture to thrive and produce.”

Now in her sixth year of House of Teuila, Kirby is incubating plans for talks, workshops, and an herbal pharmacy. Kirby’s passion for acupuncture is palpable, and she has made it her mission to demystify the modality and provide access to its benefits.
Fun Fact
The name House of Teuila is a combination of her middle name (Teuila) and her love of royalty, fashion and dance culture (House of). She hopes it inspires a feeling of genuine expression and belonging.
Business Owner
Kirby Teuila Grey