At Seattle Freeze, Kryse Martin-McGill and Darren McGill are giving the people what they want with their unique customizable soft serve style ice cream and raised doughnuts, whose creative flavors are developed in collaboration with Nate and Mel Daep.

The concept for Seattle Freeze came easily to Kyrse and Darren McGill, because the shop combines two of Darren’s favorite things: soft serve and doughnuts. However, making the shop a reality was a bit more complicated. Darren first saw the machine that would later become the cornerstone of Seattle Freeze in a shoe store in Brooklyn, NY. As he observed the machine’s ability to create customizable soft serve flavors by swirling in different toppings, he knew he had to find one. This proved extremely difficult, but after tireless research and endless waiting the McGills finally received one of the coveted machines that now combines their small batch ice cream with add-ins and toppings to create the perfect custom frozen treat.

With the soft serve machine in place, the McGills turned to doughnuts. To create their unique raised doughnut flavors they collaborated with Nate and Mel Daep of Big Boys Kainan in Kent and Poke Wai in Tukwila. Kryse and Darren first met the couple years ago through the food truck community, and they clicked immediately. “We have the same mindset and mentality,” Nate reflects. He then explained how they hold a shared commitment to fostering community through their businesses, especially for POC in Seattle. Through their partnership, they offer doughnut flavors that incorporate spices and ingredients from around the world. “We don’t see a lot of doughnut shops doing the flavors that we do,” remarks Kryse.

The McGills are especially excited to be a part of the Georgetown business community, which has already welcomed them with open arms. As previous residents of Georgetown, Kryse and Darren had been hoping to open a business in their beloved neighborhood, and the neighborhood’s shortage of dessert options has made Seattle Freeze a perfect addition. “We didn’t realize that the community has been waiting for something like this,” says Kryse, “They’re so excited...It’s nice to be the ones to bring that to the people.”
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Kryse Martin-McGill and Darren McGill & Nate and Mel Daep