In a former auto body shop in the heart of Columbia City, Super Six is serving a mix of classic Hawaiian plates and Pacific Northwest staples with the hospitality, generosity, and aloha spirit you’d find on the islands. In 2015, Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison opened Super Six as the sixth addition to their Marination brand, further sharing their love for Hawaiian food and culture with Seattle. For a taste of the islands, Super Six serves loco moco, spam musubi (which you can also get with pork belly), malasadas, and more.

Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton have been spreading “everyday Aloha” around Seattle since 2009. The duo, who both have backgrounds in education, took the leap to start the Marination brand after a late-night wine-fuelled taco hunt with their friends proved unsatisfying. Inspired by Kogi truck in LA, they set out to bring their own unique take on the kind of fusion tacos you’ll crave anytime of the day or night. “Hawaiian food is delicious,” Roz says, “and there’s not enough of it in Seattle”.

Super Six is Roz and Kamala’s sixth Marination concept. Nestled in the heart of Columbia City, the restaurant occupies an old auto repair shop that Roz and Kamala had been eyeing for years. “This is exactly where we want to be,” said Roz, “this is our neighborhood”. The flavor stays true to Hawaiian-Korean fusion and there’s something for everyone on the menu, from furikake popcorn to spicy chicken wings. Their delicious food is complemented by their Aloha spirit and community mentality. “We call your name when your order’s up, we don’t give you a number...and that’s a distinguishing quality,” says Roz.

The Marination restaurants are also active philanthropically, with an emphasis on women's rights, civil rights, and kids. “We try to support the organizations that are supporting the communities where we exist,” says Roz.
Fun Fact
Their most popular cocktail, the Thatcher, is named after the first female car designer in the U.S. , Betty Thatcher, who worked for the Hudson Motor Company – the same company that owned the auto body shop where Super Six is located today!
Business Owner
Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton


  1. Delicious cocktails, fun atmosphere, and one of my favorite places to visit for brunch. Bonus: the owners are awesome!!

  2. Perfect outdoors and spacious! Friendly staff and amazing food. Go in early to put your name down. The wait is worth it!

  3. One of my favorite go to brunch restaurants! Great outdoor seating area and easy ordering through their app. The Chicken ‘n Waffles is my favorite dish from Super Six, the combination of flavors is unique and delicious! My 2nd favorite is the Portuguese Sausage Hash, but you really can’t go wrong with anything you order from here, I highly recommend Super Six!
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