It’s Pride Month, and that means everyone is creating Pride merchandise and Pride Month Gifts. To encourage you to be intentional about spending your money at LGBTQ-owned businesses, we’re excited to highlight 10 Pride Month gifts you can purchase from LGBTQ-owned businesses in Seattle.

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Pride moth gifts - Friday Afternoon Tea

Earl Gay Tea, $10 per oz

Friday Afternoon Tea #LatinoOwned #LGBTQOwned #WomanOwned

This punny take on the classic black tea is the perfect gift for any tea lover in your life. Additionally,  $3 per ounce will be donated to the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network.

Dough Joy's Pride Donut

Pride and Trans Pride Donuts, $4.75

Dough Joy #LGBTQOwned #FamilyOwned

Not only are these delicious donuts decorated to show your pride, they are 100% plant based and made in small batches fresh daily. Stop by Dough Joy for rainbow and Trans flag donuts or you can pre-order two dozen or more through their website.

Pride moth gifts - capitol thrill

Mercury Retrobabe Tee, $39.95-$41.95

Capitol Thrill #LatinoOwned #LGBTQOwned

We don’t need to read the stars to know that your favorite LGBTQ+ astrology fan will love this T-shirt. The unisex cut and style make it the perfect wardrobe addition for any retro babe.

Pride moth gifts - virago gallery

Bergamot + Cocoa Bath Salts, $32

Virago Gallery #LGBTQOwned #WomanOwned

Even though Pride Month is about the celebration of LGBTQ+ people, it can be stressful for your queer friends. What’s a better way to relax than a hot bath? Encourage self care or practice some yourself with this vegan-friendly blend of mineral-rich salts.

Pride moth gifts - nomadia creatives

Raccoon Vertebrae Earrings, $45

Nomadia Creatives #LGBTQOwned #WomanOwned

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a trend in the LGBTQ+ community of weird, whacky, and awesome earrings. Nomadia Creatives sells these earrings, handmade by Swamp Swag Creations out of ethically-sourced bones, and so many more styles.

Pride moth gifts- aluel cellars

The Scholar “2nd Edition”, $19.90

Aluel Cellars #AsianOwned #FamilyOwned #LGBTQOwned

This special edition Columbia Valley red blend exhibits notes of black cherries and hollywood plum on the nose, and eucalyptus, blackberries, and cedar on the palate. If that’s not enough to convince you, a portion of every proceeds from every bottle sold will go to the GSBA Scholarship Fund. Their first edition in 2021 raised over $10,000 for the GSBA Scholarship Fund. 

Pride moth gifts - Bah toh

BAHTOH Bag, $15

BAHTOH #AsianOwned #LGBTQOwned

This cute canvas bag is the perfect gift for friends whose pockets are always too full. Don’t worry, the black bag will go with any outfit while still adding rainbow flare.

Shikorina pop tart

Caramel Apple and Strawberry Poptarts, $26

Shikorina Pastries #BlackOwned #LGBTQOwned #WomanOwned

Give the gift of nostalgia with this six-pack of homemade, organic pop tarts. The filling is made with fresh strawberries so delicious, you won’t even need a toaster. Quick tip: order some for yourself too because as soon as you get them in your hands you won’t want to give them up.

Beam Paints Super 8 Birch Palette, $41

Push/Pull #DisabilityOwned #LGBTQOwned #WomanOwned

Push/Pull has a selection of prints, comics, apparel, original art, and more that are the perfect gifts for your favorite artsy, queer friends and loved ones. This palette of eight super-mixable watercolor paints is packed with pigment.

Fulcrum Coffee

Brazil Cleverson Daniel Da Silva Coffee, $16

Fulcrum Cafe #LatinoOwned #LGBTQOwned

This creamy and velvety light roast with caramel, chocolate, and mango notes will make any LGBTQ+ coffee lover happy. The coffee beans come from the Sítio Vargem Alegre Farm, which prides itself in using sustainable agriculture techniques.

Bonus Gift!

Fat's chicken & waffles gift card

Gift Card, $25.00-$500.00

Fat’s Chicken & Waffles #BlackOwned #LGBTQOwned #WomanOwned

What’s a better gift than a delicious meal? Use Intentionalist’s gift card marketplace to buy a gift card for your queer friends (or keep it for yourself, we won’t blame you). 

Whether you are the recipient of pride month gifts or the sender of the pride month gifts, thanks for all you do to #SpendLikeItMatters!

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