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Intentionalist makes it easy to find and support local small businesses and the diverse people behind them through everyday decisions about where we eat, drink, and shop.

AANHPI Heritage Month
Celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month
AANHPI Heritage Month is a great opportunity to explore and support AANHPI-owned small businesses at the heart of local communities!
Reclaim Clay Collective
Business Spotlight: Reclaim Clay Collective
Get to know the people and story behind this POC-, queer-, women-owned pottery and arts studio.
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#SpendLikeItMatters at 200+ small businesses
The Intentionalist Card can be used at participating small businesses, with new businesses added every day!

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Business Spotlight: Nue

Meet Uyen Nguyen, co-owner of Nue – a globally-inspired restaurant located in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Nue is a culinary destination that offers a menu featuring everyday eats from around the world, from South African bunny chow to Brazilian acarajé. Uyen’s restaurant is a love letter to the diverse flavors and dishes […] read more

Business Spotlight: Reclaim Clay Collective

Meet Siera Matsuo and Luanne Wilson, owners of Reclaim Clay Collective – a POC, queer, women-owned pottery and arts studio located in the Chinatown-International District (C-ID) in Seattle.  Reclaim Clay Collective is a creative arts space that offers classes, workshops, and memberships for pottery and other art mediums like risograph printing, knot-tying, flower arranging, and […] read more

Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2024

SpendLikeItMatters at AANHPI-owned businesses as part of your Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2024 celebration! To create our AANHPI Heritage Month art, we worked with Seattle artist, Stevie Shao. She has shared the following explanation of the inspiration for her design. In celebration of AANHPI month, this piece draws inspiration from vibrant […] read more