At their walk-up window, Frelard Tamales serve up tamales that are handmade from scratch, using a family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Hernandez family. They are always working to make their food, hand crafted by Osbaldo’s mother, taste even better by using high-quality, fresh ingredients. As a proud interracial gay couple, owners Osbaldo Hernandez and Dennis Ramey are passionate about supporting immigrant and LGBTQ rights – #MakeTamalesNotWalls.

Frelard Tamales - Seattle Products

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Osbaldo Hernandez and Dennis Ramey
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  1. Love Frelard Tamales. The Chorizo Tamales are a family favorite. Frelard Tamales have become a staple during the pandemic lock-down with their free tamale order delivery. Also love that they regularly partner with other small businesses to offer their products with the delivery. It is great to see one small business helping out other small businesses where they can.

  2. The service is excellent at Frelard. The tamales are super tasty and it’s nice that salsa, crema and pickled veggies come with your order. Appreciate all the owners do for the local community and their collaborations with other small businesses. We especially love being able to pick up Tres Lecheria treats with our orders. This business lifts up the community in so many special ways – wholeheartedly recommend being a regular patron of Frelard Tamales!

  3. This is one of my favorites in my neighborhood! The cheese and jalapeño tamale is my absolute favorite. Their pickled veggies are spot on, and I love that they carry tres lecheria cakes for dessert. They also do a lot to give back to the community which I love.

  4. Not only do I love their tamales especially the veggies ones, but they help and feature other local businesses which I love!! They provide option of cooked or uncooked, and he delivery saved me during covid.

  5. They are a cute mom & pop sop that makes authentic tamales (Vegan & Vegetarian tambien), beans, rice, guac, & much more. All while supporting supporting the Latinx community by hiring other Latinx people with fair wages & by supporting other Latinx businesses at their shop too. They also support their local community by offering a free meal for those who have financial issues do to COVID-19. I love what they represent and their food too!

  6. I love that they are an LGBTQ Latino owned business. They pay their workers a living wage + sick time + COVID coverage! They have slowly been expanding their menu to be inclusive and available to veggie & vegans. They’re community oriented by support community members by offering a meal for those impacted by COVID 19. I love the collaborations they have been doing with other small businesses, especially for the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead! <3

  7. They are an amazing LGBTQ+ Latino owned business. They treat their workers like family and I think this really contribute to their success and amazing food! The tamales may seem expensive but they are stuffed with filling. 2 tamales + a yummy drink usually fills me up. Definitely a go to for tamales!

  8. The food is delicious. The workers are paid well. The owners are sweet guys who are serious about pursuing their dreams and partnering with other small businesses to grow together.

  9. I cannot say there is anything about Frelard that I don’t love! They are the only tamales I have ever loved and it is a struggle to decide which one to get each time. I appreciate how they continue to add more options and make it so easy to eat vegetarian or vegan. But I have fully fallen in love with Frelard as a business. They are active in promoting diversity, equality, and equity on their social media. They provide educational content that is clear and impactful. And they walked the walk by partnering with other minority owned businesses during Covid.

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