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Latinx Heritage Month: Diversidad, Communidad
Latinx Heritage Month
Celebrate the diversity and community of Latinx-owned businesses. We have some exciting things planned to help you discover and enjoy Latinx-owned businesses.
Recommend Latinx-owned businesses
Recommend Latinx-owned Businesses
Write a recommendation for your favorite Latinx-owned business and be entered for a chance to win an autographed Seattle Sounders FC Jersey
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Intentionalist Membership
Intentionalist’s Membership Community is a group of intentional spenders who are supporting and contributing to our growth and impact. Join our Community today!

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Investing in PoC-owned Small Businesses

Small businesses owned by people of color (PoC-owned small businesses) are among those most impacted by the ongoing pandemic, and Comcast RISE was created to invest in their success. Over the past eighteen months we have had conversations with hundreds of diverse small business owners and we continue to hear about the need for additional […] read more

Latinx Heritage Month Eats and Treats with Seattle Sounders FC

Latinx Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the diversity of Latinx, Hispanic, and Latino-identified cultures and communities. We are excited to partner with Seattle Sounders FC to invite soccer and small business fans to explore food from the Latin American countries represented on the team as we host $250 tabs at restaurants throughout the […] read more

Latinx Heritage Month: Diversidad, Communidad

It’s Latinx Heritage Month, and we are excited to highlight small businesses owned by the diversity of Latinx, Hispanic, and Latino-identified communities throughout America. Curious about why the celebration begins in the middle of the month of September? September 15th is the anniversary of the independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, […] read more
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