At The Table

Supporting the people behind the small businesses that keep our communities vibrant and diverse

Join these companies and organizations celebrating Women’s History Month with a commitment to #SpendLikeItMatters and purchase 50% or more of food, beverages, snacks, and catering for meetings and events from local, woman-owned businesses.

“The Seattle Metro Chamber is proud to join Intentionalist’s At The Table initiative. We are committed to a region where businesses of all sizes flourish and prosperity is shared, and that means equally supporting our incredible women-owned businesses. We appreciate the work Intentionalist does to promote equity in our economy, and At the Table is a terrific demonstration of how employers can use our purchasing power to walk the walk.”

Marilyn Strickland, CEO & President

“Participation matters. Representation matters. Inclusion matters. Create33 is proud to join Intentionalist At The Table and support womxn, non-binary, nonconforming business owners because they make our communities better.”

The Create 33 Team

"We consistently look for Intentionalist’s guidance to support local vendors that are representative of the diversity of our community. As a majority-women team, Impact Hub recognizes the importance of supporting women in business at all stages, in all industries.  We’re proud to say that all of our preferred vendors are women-owned businesses, glad to support At The Table, and excited to see our community members rise to the occasion!”

Natalia Fandel, Community Manager

“WeWork Labs is excited to join At The Table to celebrate and support women-owned businesses. We are committed to creating an inclusive startup community and view this partnership as a way to leverage our global platform to support even more women-led and minority-owned businesses through our events and programming.”

Elizabeth Scallon, Head of WeWork Labs, Northwest

“Ten-Forward is proud to be a part of At The Table for Women’s History Month because conscious efforts to support diversity is the start of meaningful change. This month, Intentionalist is offering us a chance to be part of the solution to a problem pervasive in small businesses, and we’re excited at the opportunity to put our support for diversity on display!”

Marianne Feng and Jessi Shank, Co-founders

“Walsh Construction  is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month by supporting fabulous women-owned businesses in our neighborhoods. We are excited to join Intentionalist At The Table to #SpendLikeItMatters and show our love of great food and community. Join us!”

Elizabeth Rinehart, General Manager

“As your community’s foundation, we are committed to making Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all. Seattle Foundation is proud to join other leaders in supporting women-owned businesses throughout Women’s History Month. At the Table is an inspiring commitment and call to action for organizations across all sectors.”

Tony Mestres, CEO

“Intentionalist has been a fantastic resource for us since we do all we can to support local and women-owned businesses every day. #SpendLikeItMatters because it always does.”

Brett Greene, CEO

“With a firm mission of “Design for Positive Change” we are excited to be helping support and strengthen the diverse ownership of community-based businesses.  Our growing team at Mithun is more than 50% women, with increased leadership at all positions, and we feel special alignment with Intentionalist and the important work they are doing!”

Dave Goldberg, President

“Intentionalist is proud to engage so many leading companies and organizations right here in Seattle to support women-owned businesses. We believe local communities are stronger when women are At The Table, and we are excited to encourage companies, organizations, and individuals to #SpendLikeItMatters!”

Laura Clise, Founder & CEO

“At Seattle Credit Union, inclusion is foundational in everything we do. Women are vital to our social, economic, and cultural experiences. We’re honored to support woman-owned businesses every day and especially during Women’s History Month. We’re also proud of the strong women here at our credit union that work tirelessly to make financial freedom a reality for members and our communities, and advocate for underserved populations.”

Jill Vicente, Chief Marketing Officer

"This Women’s History Month, we’re excited to join Intentionalist At The Table to create more opportunities for women-owned businesses. We are a proud part of this bigger movement of women making history together, challenging the antiquated notions that there’s only room for one woman at the table, proving that we can build a bigger table where all can sit together, and succeed together.”

Leslie Feinzaig, Founder & CEO

“GSBA is proud to join Intentionalist At The Table in support of women-owned businesses during Women’s History Month and throughout the year. As part of the LGBTQ community, we understand what it means to not have a seat at the table, and we are intentional in creating communities in which everyone has access and opportunity.”

Louise Chernin, CEO & President

“As a social justice organization dedicated to empowering women, eliminating racism, and strengthening communities, YWCA is proud to join Intentionalist At The Table in support of the inspiring women-owned businesses throughout Seattle, King County, and Snohomish County.”

Maria Chavez Wilcox, CEO

“Arise is a volunteer-driven community organization, and we understand the importance of community support. We are honored be a part of At The Table and do our part to give back and support women-owned businesses.”

Sharon Lin, Co-founders

Join the Intentionalist Community!

You don’t have to be a company or organization to join the Intentionalist community. We’d love to know why you support women-owned businesses during Women’s History Month, and throughout the year!

#SpendLikeItMatters through everyday decisions about where you eat, drink, and snack! Check out our featured businesses and events for inspiration and share your favorite woman-owned businesses.

#SpendLikeItMatters #WomensHistoryMonth

"I support women-owned businesses because overall I’ve found them to be a lot more intentional about my needs and those of the community."

Ruchika Tulshyan

Founder, Candour

"Women are the backbone of our economy. It's proven that when women succeed in business so many more women in business also benefit as do women's children and extended family."

Janis Machala

Managing Partner, Paladin Partners

“Women’s History Month is a great time to be mindful about supporting women-owned businesses (don’t forget minority women-owned businesses) now and through the rest of the year. Remember to #SpendLikeItMatters!”

Elisabeth Yandell McNeil

Partner, K&L Gates

"It's so important to highlight womxn and all of their successes. Let's lift each other up, celebrate our wins and support through positive encouragement."

Sapana Patel

Programming & Communications, The Collective

"I support Intentionalist and women-owned businesses to inspire girls and other women, of any color, to pursue their dreams. The economic growth and health of the richly international Seattle community depend on their strength and our support in return."

E-Ping Nie Medalia

Diversity & Inclusion Director, AIGA Seattle