Since the age of nine, Ruth Njenga has been caring for family members using massage. Her passion for massage led her to found Care Touch, a mobile spa that allows her to bring her services directly to her clients. From table massage in her mobile spa, to chair massage for corporate events, Ruth’s healing hands help tension and stress melt away.

Ruth discovered her gift for giving massages at the age of nine. As a child growing up in Kenya, she would give her parents massages when they came home from work. Soon her whole family recognized her talent, and then everyone was asking for a massage from Ruth! As an adult, she made this gift her career, and became a professional masseuse in Kenya. When Ruth first came to the U.S., Ruth remembers thinking to herself, “I want to continue to do what I love.” So, she set out to get her massage license, which she received in 2015.

While working as a masseuse at a hotel spa, the idea for a mobile massage business came to her. She noticed that the traditional spa experience was inconvenient for clients with busy lives. “People in America work so hard, so they need it,” Ruth remarks. To make getting a massage a more accessible experience for her clients, she set about creating a massage business that she could bring to people wherever they are.

The biggest challenge for Ruth was constructing the mobile spa itself. After speaking to a number of different companies, she was finally able to find one who could retrofit her van with all the necessary elements. “When you walk in, you do not realize that you are in the industrial part of the car,” comments Ruth. Once complete with a full size massage table, a warming drawer for towels and stones, plus cooling and heating systems, the van was ready to go. Ruth is now excited to grow her business and meet new clients. “I love what I’m doing because I help people,” says Ruth. “It’s treatment,” and she loves being the one to provide it.
Fun Fact
Besides massage, Ruth’s other passion is food and nutrition. With her cooking class, Traveller Recipes, she shares recipes and knowledge she has collected from different countries all around the globe.
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Ruth Njenga