We are excited to invite you to join Intentionalist’s Membership Community.

Through the years, you have asked how you can more intentionally support Intentionalist and contribute to the much-needed wind in our #SpendLikeItMatters sails. Now you can, by joining Intentionalist’s Membership Community! 

We started Intentionalist because where we spend our money matters. We believe small businesses are the backbone of our local economies and the heart and soul of our communities.

Intentionalist closes the gap between our good intentions and our ability to easily take action and support the small businesses we love, one cup of coffee, one birthday card, one cupcake at a time.

Intentionalist’s Membership Community is a group of like-minded intentional spenders who are excited to support and contribute to our growth and impact.

Here are 10 reasons to join Intentionalist’s Membership Community:

  1. Where we spend our money matters.
  2. Exclusive monthly perks that will only get better.
  3. Help keep Intentionalist free for small businesses and our users.
  4. Intentionalist is your go-to resource for finding diverse owned businesses in your neighborhood.
  5. The small businesses we love deserve partners they can trust.
  6. Help Intentionalist continue to amplify the stories of your favorite small businesses.
  7. #SpendLikeItMatters is one of your go-to hashtags.
  8. Three words: Community-driven economy.
  9. Two words: Economic justice.
  10. Community is everything.

Intentionalist’s mission to make it easier for all of us to #SpendLikeItMatters because our everyday decisions about where we eat, drink, and shop shape the world around us.  By joining our membership community you are supporting the work Intentionalist does every day for small businesses. 

Whether you’re drawn to our intentionally intersectional vision, are excited to connect with like-minded people, or want to ensure the diverse local businesses we love continue to have a place in our neighborhoods, join our membership community as part of your commitment to #BeIntentional.

We have structured the tiers to be equitable, with the understanding that different people have different capacities to chip in. Thank you for doing your part so that we can do ours.

Join our Intentionalist Membership Community today!

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