Aloha Signature Candle


Think: Salty ocean water, warm white sand beaches & a fruity drink in hand. Aloha is pineapple-forward for a fresh take on the tropical candle.

The Aloha candle is perfect for an island pick me up. It was inspired by warm vacation memories. It also makes for a thoughtful wedding or anniversary gift with its honeymoon vibes.

Smells like: Island pineapple, coconut milk, cantaloupe, jasmine water

This candle lingers equally well in a large room, entry way or next to a running bath.

Size: 8 fl oz.
Burn time: 40-50 hours
Source: Made in Seattle, WA
Ingredients: US grown soy wax, phthalate-free perfume oils, essential oils & a cotton paper wick.
Finish: Reuse or recycle glass jar & plastic lid

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Linda Takano opened Lulumiére’s brick and mortar in 2021, but she’s been running the soy wax candle and shower steamer business since 2013. Scent has always been an important part of Linda’s life, and she loves the mix of science and art in candle pouring.