Jebena Blend Whole Bean Coffee


Jebena Blend (Medium/Dark Roast) Whole Bean Coffee sourced from Ethiopia & Uganda, 12 oz bag.

Jebena is a blend of organic Ethiopian & Ugandan beans supporting sustainable agriculture and healthy food systems. Jebena’s roast profile is developed to honor the traditional coffee ceremony of East African communities. It’s customary to take this roast to higher temperatures with longer roast profiles to have a fuller body and bittersweet flavor notes.

In Jebena , you are going to taste flavors reminiscent of dark chocolate, caramel with a lasting sweetness and a full body. Jebena tastes great with batch brew methods, chemex, french press and also on espresso for those looking for bolder flavors in their espresso.

Boon Boona Coffee sources the highest quality coffee sourced in collaboration and relationship with farmers in coffee’s birthplace, East Africa. Founder Efrem Fesaha supports the local East African community and the sustainability of the coffee crops in African communities.

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