Chef Octavio Diaz offers a taste of his homeland at Agave Uptown, a bright eatery serving authentic Oaxacan cuisine since 2016. The State of Oaxacan (pronounced wah-hah-kah), located in southwestern Mexico, is home to a thriving, diverse Indigenous population who continue to shape the region’s rich, prehispanic culinary tradition. Enjoy Octavio’s traditional dishes like mole and torta oaxaqueña crafted with ingredients imported from Mexico.  

Enjoy a refreshing cocktail made with small-batch, Oaxacan mezcal, or sip on a Mexican craft beer – they pair perfectly with their tlayuda, a kind of Oaxacan pizza, or their molotes, a dense tamale. 

Bonus: Pick up a delicious jar of their homemade mole sauce on the way out! 

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Octavio Diaz

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