Experience the smokey, sizzling flavors of Argentinian barbecue at Asado, the South Sound’s only Argentine-themed steakhouse. The business is owned by XGroup Restaurants, a Tacoma-based restaurant group launched by Chris Casella in 2005. 

Asado’s meat-centric menu features flat iron steaks seared to perfection on a mesquite-fired grill, cider-brined bone-in pork chops with roasted fingerlings and Beecher’s Flagship cheese cream sauce, as well as seafood dishes and gourmet salads. Over at the bar, you’ll find a selection of premium cocktails, from classic staples to seasonal offerings. 

Fun Fact: The word “asado” means a gathering of friends for a grill party, the Argentine equivalent of an American patio barbecue. 

Business Owner
Chris Casella

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