Wife and husband duo Teresa Nguyen and Eric Banh offer a creative take on Vietnamese street-food flavors at their restaurant, Ba Bar. Named after the Vietnamese word for father (ba), simple, delicious food, and “cold drink” (cocktails) bring customers back again and again – or perhaps it’s the made-fresh-daily pastries!

Fun Fact: This is the original Ba Bar location.

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Teresa Nguyen & Eric Banh
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  1. I love Ba Bar for so many reasons. The biggest one is the imperial rolls. They are crunchy and such an expertly balanced flavor and texture experience. I have so many fond memories of BaBar including the fact that I met one of my best friends ever there for the first time. Their indoor space is a beautiful ambiance and complements the food so well. And their service has always been spot on!

  2. I love everything about BaBar! When I am by myself as an older woman wanting to hang I go to the bar and eat shrimp chips and Imperial rolls. I do not drink alcohol and they have fun other drinks. As a queer person I have been there with my partner and feel free to be romantic with her. Yeah we have gotten some looks but mostly we feel welcome and safe. We love their Pho!!

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