Bake on the Run, located in Portland’s Lil’ America food cart pod, specializes in delicious and authentic Guyanese cuisine. Mother-son duo Chef Bibi and Michael Singh opened the cart in 2019 after relocating from Phoenix to Portland, seeking to share their culture with the West Coast. 

Guyana, a small country situated above Brazil, boasts a rich and diverse culinary scene with influences from all corners of the globe. Try a plate of salfish, a Portuguese-style salted cod, or a comforting bowl of vegan yellow-split pea dahl. You can order your entree wrapped in semi-sweet puff pastry, known as a bake— perfect to enjoy on the go! 

Bonus: Be sure to pick up a bottle of Chef Bibi’s famous pepper sauce during your visit! 


Business Owner
Bibi Singh & Michael Singh

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