Ever eaten a biang biang noodle? The long, thick, hand-pulled noodles are delightfully chewy and a great canvas for chili and garlic. At Biang Biang Noodles in Capitol Hill, owners Alison Deng, Sia Zhang, and Yuming Xu are infusing these traditional noodles with lots of different flavors, proteins, and veggies. Order the mapo tofu, mala beef, or cumin lamb noodles and a savory fried chicken bao or some of their insanely crispy chicken wings!

Fun fact: The Chinese character for ‘biang’ is the most complicated Chinese character — over 50 strokes!

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Alison Deng, Sia Zhang, Yuming Xu
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  1. Forget the noodle, the star here are those crispy chicken bao! It is soooooo flavorful, and crispy and just goodness in your tummy. I can eat a bunch of those without being tired of it. Their noodles are pretty good too 🙂

  2. Ordered the mapo tofu noodle. Super unique dish, noodles are chewy and delicious, good tingly sauce. Right now they are collaborating with Quorn and has vegetarian meat. Super fast and packaged well to-go. Recommend!

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