After moving to the United States in the 80s, Doña Sofia started by making meals for her family and soon earned a reputation for her incredible cooking skills. Doña Sofia learned to cook in a traditional way, using only the best hand-grown and picked ingredients and cooking everything over an open wood fire. Her birria, in particular, was a standout, with its mouth-watering aroma and delicious flavor. It wasn’t long before family and friends were requesting her dishes for special occasions and events.

In 2019, Oracio Hernandez launched Birrieria La Plaza as a food truck in Portland, Oregon, serving up their famous birria tacos, quesapizza, quesadillas, burritos, and even birria ramen. This juicy and tender Mexican food is made using Doña Sofia’s special recipe that has been passed down to the family through three generations of women. The family takes pride in their heritage and uses birria as the star of their dishes.

Tip: Make sure to dunk your birria tacos in the consome for extra flavor!


Business Owner
Oracio Hernandez

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