Are you tired of receiving too much ice or not enough toppings in your boba? Well, at Boba Up, you can make your boba just how you like it. Innovative owner Chuanhao Lu opened this customizable bubble tea shop in 2018. Customers start by selecting their favorite jelly, popping boba, or regular boba, then top it off with their favorite flavor of tea and their desired amount of ice and sweetener. Feeling hungry? Order a delicious serving of cream cheese wontons, bubble waffles, or kung pao chicken!

Fun fact: At Boba Up, you can create over 500 unique drink combinations.

Business Owner
Chuanhao Lu


  1. I think this is the only place you can make your own boba drinks. There’s a toppings bar that you can fill your cup with as much toppings as you want and then you can be creative and put what drink options you like. There’s at least 10 different options (milk tea, fruit tea, etc). They also have pre-made drinks as well if you don’t feel as creative and snack options.

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