Bosso Ramen Tavern is a Japanese izakaya restaurant that opened in Harvard Square in March 2021.

Owner Yasu Sasago intends to break barriers within traditional Japanese food, incorporating new ingredients while keeping an authentic framework in his menu. Heavily influenced by the sea, Bosso Ramen Tavern stands out by offering many new spins on Japanese dishes, including takoyaki sushi (sushi topped with fried balls filled with octopus), blue cheese ham cutlets, and sanmi (“sour”) ramen flavored with cherry tomato, parmesan, and arugula.

With new flavors and an exciting atmosphere, Bosso Ramen Tavern is a perfect spot for a first date or night out in Cambridge.

Pro-tip: Yasu’s menu also includes vegan sushi and ramen options.

Business Owner
Yasu Sasago

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