Shane Matlock first dreamed of owning his own coffee shop or restaurant during a part-time gig as a barista in high school. For 15 years that followed, Shane served as a U.S. Army Officer, which took him all over the world, including 3 years on the border of France and Belgium. It was here that Shane discovered what he believes to be the tastiest waffle in the world: the Liège (lee-ehj) waffle. 

Shane brought his own Liège-style waffles back to the states in 2017, first through catering and a food truck, and now, his cafe in downtown Attleboro, Massachusetts. Burgundian has a curated and unique menu inspired by street foods from around the world. 

Fun Fact: Shane is working on a British Double Decker Bus cafe – stay tuned!

Business Owner
Shane Matlock

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