Captain Cookie’s founder Kirk Francis has had a passion for baking cookies since his early childhood. This lifelong love led him and his wife, Juliann, to establish Captain Cookie and the Milkman as a food truck in 2012. Before long, the success of their treats prompted them to open their flagship store near George Washington University’s campus. They’ve since added even more locations to cater to cookie enthusiasts in Arlington, Raleigh, and New York City. 

Kirk and Juliann sell small-batch, made-from-scratch cookies crafted from high-quality ingredients as well as milkshakes and soda floats made with ice cream sourced from local creameries. However, they’re best known for their ice cream sandwiches: pick any two cookies and have them served with a scoop of ice cream smooshed in between. Yum! 

Pro-tip: Be sure to try their chocolate chip cookies— it took Kirk over three decades of tasting and testing to perfect the recipe. 


Business Owner
Kirk Francis & Juliann Francis

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