Adrain Chesser, Mike Roe, Maria Sparsis, Randy Hagood, and Susan Truax are looking to foster community and connection no matter how far one sip, one cup, or one pot of tea at a time. The family of five friends opened Chesser Roe in 2018 and came together over their love of tea and its grounding, uplifting, and connective properties. Chesser Roe sources their tea leaves, herbs, and spices from around the world from organically certified suppliers, and each order is carefully packed and wrapped by hand. You can shop their teawares and tea blends — like Bhakti Chai, Juniper Mint Sencha, and Yakima Mate — on their website, or pop into their brick-and-mortar shop to join Chesser Roe for some tea.

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Adrain Chesser, Mike Roe, Maria Sparsis, Randy Hagood and Susan Truax

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