Married team Mari and Jon Rudd began their food adventure together by participating in festivals around the Seattle area. In 2013, they poured their shared passion for fresh, tasty food into opening their food truck, Chick’n Fix. 

The Rudds serve traditional American fast food alongside Filipino dishes, including lumpia and their signature chicken and rice Bola-Bola, which can be mixed with fries and a chicken strip in a combo basket.

Pro-tip: You can book Chick’n Fix for your next event! Mari and Jon can set up a buffet or serve out of their service window for the full food truck experience.

Business Owner
Jon Rudd & Mari Rudd


  1. If you like McDonald’s french fries, you’re going to LOVE the fries at Chick’n Fix. Thin, crispy, and tossed in rosemary with garlic. I always ask for extra garlic on my fries because I can never have too much!

    The chicken strips are always super crispy and piping hot. I love to pair the strips with their Sweet Chili sauce. Delicious!

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