Owners Mari and Will Kemper have brought quality craft beers to their customers since 1984 and are glad to bring guests exceptional beer in an inspiring, friendly, and lively environment in two locations: Portland, Oregon and Burlington, Washington!

Chuckanut believes in and carries out many sustainable practices to help take care of our planet. They conserve water usage by recirculating the heated water from their heat exchanger into their hot water liquor tank to use for the next brew. Their high-tech computer system saves energy and they use variable-speed pumps that require less energy to run. They also use spunding devices to recirculate the natural CO2 developed in the fermentation process to save on CO2 and carbon use! And Chuckanut has been very involved and a firm believer in the Towards Zero Waste recycling program from inception at both facilities.

Business Owner
Mari and Will Kemper

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