Sindy Posso, owner of Cielito Artisan Pops, is serving up some of the Miami area’s most mouthwatering popsicles.

Born and raised in Columbia, Sindy grew up in a family of homemade ice cream-makers. Naturally, Cielito became a family affair, right down to what goes into the pops, which are Sindy’s recreation of her grandmother’s original recipe. Sindy’s grandmother, along with the rest of the family and her husband Ivan, currently work in-house.

With the family’s old-school approach, Cielito’s pops use little to no preservatives and are always made with the freshest fruit to make flavors like pineapple jalapeño, avocado, and watermelon. 

Fun fact: Cielito has a number of vegan flavors, too. Sindy’s shops are also dog friendly, so make sure to bring your four-legged friend to cool down with a doggy pop.

Business Owner
Sindy Posso & Ivan Sussman

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