Dee Alams pioneered infrared sweat therapy in Seattle, introducing the city’s first infrared sauna to her fitness studio in 2010. Over the years, Dee has witnessed incredible client transformations, and dreams to make infrared therapy more accessible and convenient for all.

When asked how she first became interested in sweat therapy, Dee Alams responds half-jokingly, “I’ve always been sweating.” Born in Nigeria, Dee moved to Seattle when she was two, where she became an avid dancer, doing everything from West African, to modern, to hip-hop. Later on, she opened her own dance and fitness studio. It was during this period that she had her first experience in an infrared sauna while on a meditation retreat in Canada. “I felt it on a cellular level,” Dee recalls, “I felt the shift.”
When Dee arrived back home, she immediately starting searching for infrared saunas in Seattle. To her surprise, she found none. So, she took it upon herself, and built an infrared sauna in the back of her dance and fitness studio. Clients flooded in from around the region seeking treatment that was previously unavailable to them. That’s how Dee knew she had to open City Sweats. For her first location, she chose Madison Park, a small community that she feels has retained its close knit community feeling. “I’ve lived all over Seattle [and] Madison park is very different,” says Dee. “Everybody says hi to you...I’ve never experienced a community like that.”
For her second location, she selected the Wallingford neighborhood, where clients flock from as far away as Bellevue. Fortunately for the growing number of people seeking the health benefits of her infrared saunas, additional locations are planned for the future.
Dee is incredibly passionate about making her wellness centers places where everybody feels welcome. “Sweating should be a part of a lifestyle, and I want it accessible to everybody,” Dee explains. She wants people to feel empowered, and leave with a stronger desire to take care of themselves. Looking to the future, Dee hopes the spread the word about the benefits of infrared, and educate her community about detoxing through sweat. “It’s not a trend,” stresses Dee, “This is what we need to give our bodies a chance.”
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Dee Alams

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