You can taste the passion in the food at Cuốn, a family-owned Vietnamese Street Food business in Portland, Oregon. For their namesake dish, they go above the norm to feature a variety of ingredients such as chicken, pork, meatballs (pork sausage), tofu, tempura shrimp, or softshell crab rolls. Cuốn is great for a healthy choice and a low-calorie way to fill up on all the nutrients and benefits of fresh vegetables.

The company values reflect its views on family: friendliness, passion, and dedication. Friendliness even if there are differences; passion for high-quality food (and wanting to share it with others), and dedication to work and their customers.

Fun Fact: Cuốn (Pronounced like “Coon”) means roll in Vietnamese.  Vietnamese spring rolls are rice paper wrap filled with a variety of vegetables and proteins, usually with just a simple shrimp and pork.

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