Steven and Jasmine Davis are the owners of Davis Fitness Method, a private training studio, in Downtown Seattle. Steven has been a Certified Personal Trainer in Seattle for the last 11 years, and Jasmine is a Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and Certified Physical Preparation Specialist who is passionate about exercise.

Davis Fitness Method creates one-of-a-kind workouts tailored to your unique health and fitness goals. The comfortable training environment is for all Fitness levels and offers personal training, semi-private training, group classes, and online fitness and nutrition programs.


Business Owner
Jasmine and Steven Davis


  1. I have been training at Davis Fitness Method since 2019. I did try to leave once, due to me moving out of the neighborhood but immediately come back after less than 2 weeks. Davis Fitness Method offers you something other gyms just cannot. Their expertise and passion for fitness can’t be matched in other gyms. I highly recommend this gym to anyone.

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