Located in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood, Di Fiora combines Thai fusion and European cuisine for a dining experience that’s completely unique. The restaurant is owned and operated by Thidaphat Ariyahirantrakul, aka Chef Chimme, who is known for using locally-sourced, organic ingredients in her flavorful farm-to-table dishes. Chef Chimme’s Malaysian coconut and Thai Tomyum soups are at the top of the must-try list, along with the Korat chicken wings and seared lava scallop (with house made curry sauce).

Pro tip: Don’t skip Di Fiora’s signature cocktail menu, which includes the Before Sunrise, which combines tequila, triple sec, mango sorbet, lime juice, sour mix, and chili powder.

Business Owner
Thidaphat “Chimme” Ariyahirantrakul (Chef Chimme)


  1. Seriously, this place is soooo good. The owner takes asian cuisine and elevate it to a new level. The food is always sooooooo pretty that you might not want to eat it, but it’s also delicious that you can’t stop 🙂 Love the wings here!

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