Zhen Cai and Amy Eng’s Dim Sum King is counter service dim sum at its best. Fast service and inexpensive prices make this spot a go-to for people on the run with a craving for dumplings, buns, and egg tarts.


  1. I have personally tried every single item on their menu. It has taken time, and dedication, but been very worthwhile. It is easy to get trapped into ordering more than you expect, because it is inexpensive and the pieces are huge. My personal favorite is the fried meat foot ball. The texture is glorious – crisp on the outside and under that a chewy layer of glutinous rice and then well seasoned meat. They run through items really fast, meaning that they are basically always fresh.

  2. I love this place because you can order as many things as you want in any amount. Their siu mai and potstickers are gigantic and i love it! My friends and I actually ordered 1 of everything here to try and have enjoyed everything! The other nice part is that they open super early (7am) so you can come and grab food before work (breakfast or lunch) Definitely come early as they tend to run out at the end of the day.

  3. **Dim sum a la carte, super fast, and to-go!**

    I love dim sum and all the trappings of the carts, but it’s hard to do dim sum when you’re by yourself. Then I discovered Dim Sum King, six or seven years ago, and it’s been my go-to dim sum spot ever since!

    During these last few pandemic years, it’s been a reliable spot of joy in the hot mess that we’ve all been in and allowed me to be able to have dim sum without worrying about the crowds or getting in the way of folks who are eating in. There are a few tables where you can eat inside, but the glorious beauty of ordering the exact number of shumai and dumplings, and dan tats that you want and then waltzing out the door cannot be understated.

    I wish they had honey walnut prawns and gai lan, but they have all the other usual suspects and they’re yummy and flavorful! The shumais and dumplings in particular are huge.

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