Dirty Lettuce is a colorful restaurant offering Southern, Cajun, and Creole favorites. The best part? Everything is 100% vegan! Owner Alkebulan Moroski grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, so he knows firsthand how much Southern cooking tends to rely on meat. He and his mother Kim worked hard to figure out the best ways to veganize those classic dishes without sacrificing the flavor and greasiness they’re loved for. Fans of Dirty Lettuce will be quick to tell you that their efforts were a definite success! 

Tuck into a plate of seitan barbecue ribs or tofu fried chicken with a side of Southern-style greens and mashed potatoes and finish off the meal with a slice of sweet potato pie. Dirty Lettuce’s food is so delicious it feels sinful, and good for the planet to boot!

Fun fact: Alkebulan is a big biology and chemistry nerd, and utilized molecular science and chemistry to translate the taste and texture of meat-based dishes to their meatless counterparts on a microscopic level! 

Business Owner
Alkebulan and Kim Moroski

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