Most Seattle residents are familiar with the Seattle Dog, a late-night game day staple consisting of a hot dog topped with grilled veggies and cream cheese. And no one does the Seattle Dog better than Ramazan Senturk, who’s been selling the Seattle classic for over three decades! He’s owned and operated Dog in the Park since 1981, serving up a variety of beef, turkey, and vegetarian dogs with creative toppings. 

Not feeling a Seattle Dog? Check out Ramazan’s other specialty dogs! There’s the Mediterranean, topped with stuffed olives, tomato, and feta cheese, or the spicy Veggie Chipotle Dog. And if you’d prefer something less adventurous, you can always opt for the standard mustard-and-ketchup dressings. They’re classics for a reason! 

Pro-tip: Don’t forgot to check out Dog in the Park’s second Seattle Center location

Business Owner
Ramazan Senturk

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