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Carlo Chalisea


  1. About a year after returning from Peru, I developed massive cravings for Peruvian cuisine hence decided to try out Don Lucho’s Restaurant in the northern part of Seattle. The Pisco Sour, ceviche, and lomo saltado definitely brought back some good ol’ culinary memories in Peru. Major kudos to the owners for bringing some authentic Peruvian cuisine to the Pacific Northwest!

  2. We had Don Lucho about a year ago and have been back every time we were craving lomo saltado. It is a delicious dish and a must try at this spot! They offer a variety of Peruvian dishes that are drool worthy.

    They have an outdoor space for those that are still uncomfortable with indoor dining.

  3. Don Lucho I had a year ago and their wings are amazing! The Lomo Saltado is available to be veggie friendly or traditional red meat option – both are tasty! If you want to also watch sports they have a few tv’s available and a great outdoor space with heaters and covered tents that make it so amazing and glad they were able to pivot during COVID.

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