Dr. Stephen Nevett and Associates, P.C. is an optometrist located in the Northgate neighborhood in Seattle at the Northgate Mall that offers top-quality eye care. Ever since 2010, they have been using the most pristine equipment to make sure that your eyesight remains sharp. Dr. Stephen Nevett has practiced in hospitals, refractive surgery centers, and Ophthalmology practices over the years giving him a medical approach to his work. Providing a multitude of services like contact lens fitting, glaucoma, and cataract prevention, Dr. Stephen Nevet and Associates, P.C. will make sure your eyesight is the best it can possibly be. 

You can also visit their Kirkland location

Bonus: The Northgate location is right next to Cinnabon and Barnes and Noble and they have weekend office hours. 


Business Owner
Stephen Nevett

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