Prepare to get your hands dirty! You won’t find folks using silverware at Dragon’s Crawfish, a Cajun seafood boil restaurant serving up butter-and-garlic slathered crawfish, shrimp, and crab meant to be eaten by hand. Minh Phan learned to cook crawfish in his home state of California and opened the restaurant in 2015 after moving to Tacoma. His philosophy is built around keeping things uncomplicated: he uses simple ingredients and recipes designed to accentuate the seafood’s natural flavor. 

Drown your crawfish in Phan’s classic, spicy Cajun broth, or opt for the rich garlic butter broth instead. Either way, it’ll be delicious! Phan also serves a variety of fried appetizers like garlic French fries, calamari, and breaded shrimp. 

Pro tip: Choose your boil’s spice level on a scale that ranges from mild (a light shake of cayenne) to Dragon’s Breath (HOT!). 

Business Owner
Minh Phan

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