For craft-cocktail lovers, this is it. Du Nord Craft Spirits and Cocktail Room is your new favorite spot to enjoy a drink with friends. Ddelicious specialty drinks are all made with their distilled spirits. The spacious cocktail room is great for group events, and is livened by their friendly bar staff and fun board game selection. Their drink menu is organized by spirit including Fitzgerald (gin), L’etoile (vodka), Mixed Blood (whiskey), Apple Du Nord (apple liqeuer), and Cafe Frieda (coffee liqueur). Owners Chris and Shanelle Montana opened their business in 2013 and continue to be active members of their community.

Fun fact: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the distillery shifted to producing hand sanitizer and continued to pay employees as possible. They also launched the Du Nord Foundation to support minority-owned small businesses and under-resourced communities experiencing food shortage after the unrest following George Floyd’s murder.

Business Owner
Chris Montana and Shanelle Montana

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