E-Jae Pak Mor is a Seattle-based restaurant located in the International District/Chinatown that specializes in serving authentic Thai street foods. The name “E-Jae Pak Mor” was inspired by the owner, Pum Yamamoto’s, love for the steamed rice flour dumpling, which is known as “Kao Kreab Pak Mor” in Thai. E-Jae is a Chinese-Thai word that means older sister, while Pak Mor refers to the steamed rice flour dumpling that is popular street food in Thailand.

Pum learned how to make Pak Mor from her friend’s grandmother, who is a great chef. She was inspired to start her own business after realizing how hard it is to find someone who can make Pak Mor or sell it in the United States. 

E-Jae Pak Mor started selling Pak Mor online in April 2021 and received great support from customers, who helped Pum improve the dish with their comments and feedback. After a year of selling online, Pum found the perfect restaurant to fulfill her dream of making Pak Mor for everyone to enjoy. At the restaurant, customers can indulge in other popular Thai street foods, such as Tom Yum Noodles and Kao Mun Gai, all made with high-quality ingredients and skillful cooking.


Business Owner
Pum Yamamoto and Tom Yalodom

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