If you’re on the search for authentic Mexican food in Renton, look no further than Cesar Mata Gomez’s and Yvette Guadalupe Soltero Pelayo’s taqueria, El Kiosko. At El Kiosko, you’ll find some tacos, taquitos, chilaquiles, burritos, and more, all served with a side of delicious salsa with the perfect kick. The food is tasty, the portions are filling, the service is friendly, and customers always leave happy and excited to return.

Business Owner
Cesar Mata Gomez, Yvette Guadalupe Soltero Pelayo


  1. This small little restaurant is oh-so delicious. It’s often overlooked because of it’s appearance, but don’t judge the book by it’s cover. The chilaquiles is delicious and filled with toppings!

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