Winemaker Jody Elsom is a deep believer in the power of wine to bring people together around a table to share stories and build community. This is the spirit at Elsom Cellars, which brings together fantastic wine, good conversation, and inspiring community events.

Jody Elsom is a force of nature - just like her wines. Working for a contracting firm owned by California wine lovers after college, the staff would gather around the wine bar each Thursday

and talk about their successes, challenges, and help each other problem solve. Through this experience, for Jody, wine became a focal-point for community. Her love of travel continued to feed her relationship with wine. “I love Europe and how wine is such a part of the culture, and blending hard work with a bunch of wine and food and sharing stories,” she says. “For me that’s what the winery means and where my passion is derived from.”

Fewer than ten percent of the 900 wineries in Washington state have female vinters, and Jody is proud to be among them. She takes her craft seriously, driving her truck to Eastern Washington to establish relationships with growers, driving the grapes back to the winery, immediately processing them no matter the hour, and seeing the wine through to the last pour. Her wines are influenced by her time in Italy, following harvest and learning from the pros. She seeks to honor the Italian tradition of dirty, earthy wine making, and the culture of always coming together around a table at the end of the day to share food and stories. That said, Elsom wines are 100% Washington wines. “The sense of home and place is important,” says Jody. “This is Washington, and we should create our own style and have our own recognition of the wonderful wines coming out of this region.”

Jody is committed to producing and pouring only the very best wines, and to creating an experience that is approachable and fun for connoisseurs and amateurs alike. Elsom Cellars creates a space for people to enjoy wine and build community. Their winery doubles as an event space where they host yoga classes, musical events, private parties and fundraisers for various non-profit organizations. “We want people to bring all of themselves here. We have a huge community through all of our networks, so we have a huge love cake to make.”
Fun Fact
Jody has a wine named after each of her children, which makes it impossible for her to choose a favorite.
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Jody Elsom

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