ENSO, a Seattle pop-up exhibit, is a must-visit for anyone interested in craftsmanship and history! Founders and friends Burton Holt, George Sumaya, Galen Lowe, John and Laurie Fairman, and Aubrey MacKenzie all share a passion for collecting unique art and antiques. In 2023, the group combined their collective knowledge and expertise to open the gallery near Pike Place Market. 

Peruse a vast variety of ceramics, textiles, traditional, art, and antiques sourced from around the globe. Visitors have the opportunity to learn the history and cultural significance of each piece, as well as the history of its acquisition. 

Pro-Tip: Head to their website to track visiting hours and special exhibits! 

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Burton Holt, George Sumaya, Galen Lowe, John Fairman, Laurie Fairman, Aubrey MacKenzie

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