Edwin Lindo and his partner, Dr. Estell Williams, opened Estelita’s Library inside The Station‘s former café space in Beacon Hill in 2018. The cozy space’s shelves are lined with curated books focusing on social justice issues. Heads up: The space intentionally doesn’t have WiFi – and that’s intentional. Edwin and Estell wanted visitors to be able to read, reflect, and have conversations without distraction.

Want to check something out? Pay the store a visit to sign up for a membership. If you have time to spare, stay a while for a cup of tea, bite to eat, or to hear a talk from a local activist.

Business Owner
Edwin Lindo and Estell Williams


  1. Estelita’s will steer you to the best books to expand your knowledge about issues of the world today. They’re also active online if you have questions or comments. Grateful to have a local bookstore with this mission!

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