If you haven’t seen the “piggy buns” at Fashion Dim Sum, you’re missing out on the most adorable food item of all time. Loved by children and adults, Fashion Dim Sum takes a playful approach to classic dim sum. In addition to their creative offerings, they also serve traditional menu items like shrimp dumplings and pork siu mai. Owners Kelly Yu and Wenke Yang have been delighting locals since 2017.

Business Owner
Kelly Yu and Wenke Yang


  1. We placed an order for take out as we were driving out on a little road trip. I bit into a steaming hot salted egg yolk bun and it exploded all over me, but it was still worth it because it was truly delicious. They take a lot of care in their food preparation, and my only critique is that the TV is revolving with photos of the food – which made me second guess my choices until my food arrived! Once the food arrived I was very pleased with every single one of my choices, and my car still bears a tiny bit of the egg filling as a pleasant reminder 🙂

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