If there’s an Asian ingredient you’re struggling to find, you’re likely to spot it at Fou Lee Market, a popular Beacon Hill grocery store. The Phan family (Andrew Phan, Hai Phan, and Oanh Phan) is known for greeting visitors with a familial warmness. They¬†import specialty items from countries including Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam, Lao, India, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, and Taiwan. Shop for produce, meats, and dry goods or stop in for a hot meal! A well-kept neighborhood secret, Fou Lee’s menu is full of delicious Vietnamese and Filipino dishes including lumpia, pancit, banh mi, kare kare, adobo, and more!

Business Owner
Andrew Phan, Hai Phan, and Oanh Phan


  1. A love letter to Fou Lee:

    Dearest Fou Lee — Thank you for feeding me so many pounds of food from your deli over the years when I am indecisive and hungry and about to become unreasonable. Your deli has saved me so much grief and your aisles always have the right fresh fruits and veggies that I need. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have had to rush to a last minute potluck and picked up a bunch of banh mi or rambutan and become the hero.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

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