In 1994, Marlene Hall, originally from Hawaii, and her husband Gabriel Ramirez, originally from Jalisco, Mexico, opened up a restaurant inspired by Gabriel’s healthy, fresh home-cooking. Named as a tongue-in-cheek homage to their young son Shannon, Gordito’s has since become renowned for their famed baby-sized burritos.

Business Owner
Marlene Hall, Gabriel Ramirez, and Shannon Hall


  1. This is one of my favorites in the Greenwood area! Their portions are so generous, and their indoor dining area is really spacious. I love all of the different options for salsas. Their food also has an emphasis on being more healthy than other options, which I really appreciate. I am having my first child soon, and can’t wait to get their baby burrito (burrito grande) to compare to our newborn!

  2. One of the all-time best burrito joints in all of Seattle. Portions are big and spices are on point. As a vegetarian, I’ve been scarred by stray meat hiding in other places’ food. Not at Gorditos. They are committed to keeping vegetarians happy. Their Veggie Veggie burrito has it all. Pro tip – get it “wet.”

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