When Lauren Anderson’s newborn son was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and later gluten intolerance, she quickly learned to adapt to his diet. As she practiced with allergen-free recipes, she learned that there are many ways to create amazing baked goods that don’t contain dairy, eggs, sugar, gluten, and even grains. So, in 2015, she launched her business (then PNW Cupcakes, now Grain Artisan Bakery) selling allergen-freeĀ  cupcakes for neighbors, weddings, and farmer’s markets. Then, in 2020, a super successful kickstarter campaign brought Lauren’s brick and mortar dream to life. Today, you can stop in for cakes, pastries, coffee and more and enjoy various recipes without gluten, dairy, and grains!

Fun fact: 80% of ingredients at Grain Artisan Bakery are locally sourced!



Business Owner
Lauren Anderson

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