Green Muse, formerly known as Green Hop, seeks to uplift Black and POC stakeholders in the cannabis industry, as well as illuminate the ties between cannabis and art, fashion, music, sports, and science. The mission of this Black-owned dispensary hinges upon the specific, over-policed histories of both hip hop and cannabis, and the ways that hip-hop pushed forward the legalization of marijuana. Owners K.C. Crews and Nicole Kennedy consider their business ownership political in many ways. Residing in the historically Black Woodlawn neighborhood, they persist as anti-gentrifiers, as one of few Black-owned businesses in the neighborhood. Green Muse not only hosts engaging community events and sells quality cannabis goods, but they continue to educate about the ways that drug laws continue to target BIPOC people and operate the Green Hop Academy to empower POC to have a stake in the cannabis industry.

Business Owner
K.C. Crews and Nicole Kennedy

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