Inspired by her love for nutritious, sustainable, organic, and allergen-free foods, Annie Dottai opened Grilla Bites in 2008. The restaurant’s recipes are inspired by Annie’s background as a certified nutritionist. Whether or not you eat meat, Grilla Bites curates protein ingredients that are grass-fed, organic, and free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and GMOs (bison, ham, turkey, tofu, and more!). Mindful of gluten and dairy allergies, the menu offers a variety of delicious allergen-free options made with locally sourced goods — including a juice and smoothie bar. The wholesome restaurant is a friendly space in Snohomish and the lovely building was built and furnished with secondhand, eco-friendly products.

Fun fact: Grilla Bites is a host site for Community Supported Agriculture boxes that serve people in the community with local organic produce!

Business Owner
Anne Dottai

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