In 2020 Jess Wang was given the chance to bring to life her dream of offering a savory dessert omakase dining experience in Seattle, recreating the fine dining experiences in Michelin-starred kitchens in a dessert-tasting menu format. hédonisme has been a one-woman show ever since. 

Jess is a pastry chef who has trained at some of the best restaurants and pastry shops in the world. Whether it’s a bonbon or a plated dessert, Jessica incorporates her roots and inspirations into her work; not only sharing her love of elevated creations but sharing the “hedonistic” experience with everyone trying her creations. Currently, hédonisme. sells bonbons four launches a year and provides catering services for special events as well. 

Fun Fact: Written in French, hédonisme is defined as “the philosophical idea that pleasure is the ultimate goal in life”. Albeit being an unconventional name for a company, hédonisme. is an homage to Jessica’s chefs in Paris and NYC, her students in Japan, her mentors, and the childhood dream of being a pastry chef that she’s been fulfilling over the last eighteen years.


Business Owner
Jess Wang

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